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May 26, 2021

Quick + Easy Family Wedding Photos

Alright, just being honest here… Family photos tend to be the most stressful part of the wedding day but don’t be afraid! These tips will help make them go quick and easy, even if your’e family is a little crazy 😉

Create a shot list

Create a shot list!! This is a list of alllll the combinations you want photos of. Creating a Shot List for the photographer provides a visual for them to help map out your family pictures. By doing this ahead of time, you can go back in and add someone to your list that you may haven’t forgotten. It’s SO much better to solidify this list before the big day, rather than feeling scattered and actually forgetting someone in the moment.

When creating your shot list do one family at a time. Do allllll the brides family and then alllll the grooms family after (or vise versa). Start with smaller combinations and add people in as you go. This will prevent family from hoping in and out of photos and from wondering off if they are still needed. It’s also a great idea to photograph grandparents early on if they are older and need to rest. When making your list, I recommend numbering EACH photo. It tells the photographer exactly how many photos will be taken. This helps the photographer and wedding coordinator keep track of time. Heres and example,

  1. Bride&Groom + Brides Mom (Jane) / Dad (Ron)
  2. Bride&Groom + Brides Mom/Dad + Siblings (Jessica, Ashley, Mark)
  3. Bride&Groom + Brides Mom/Dad + Siblings + Aunt Carol + Uncle John

Send this shot list to your photographer at least ONE week before the wedding so they can make sure they fully understand all the photos you want and clear up any miscommunication BEFORE the wedding and not in the heat of the moment. Trust me, it can get cray!


While in your wedding planning phase, designate a bridesmaid or groomsmen who knows most, if not all your family and friends, to be your photographer’s right hand man! They will be able to grab specific family members that need to join the next photo and point out anyone that is missing that may have wondered. Keeping your photographer free to orchestrate the photo will save so much time and help the process to go smoothly. Having half your group (or photographer) leave, to search the venue for Uncle John who can’t find the bar will stress everyone out.

At your Rehearsal Dinner, announce to your guests WHEN and WHERE you will be taking pictures! Don’t be afraid to be stern and make sure everyone knows the plan. They may not have even know you wanted them there, so give them a specific time and place and help them prepare too!

Its go time

During the Ceremony, yes during, have your officiant REMIND your guests when and where they need to go for pictures. This can happen right after the kiss + before they announce/send you off. Let everyone get excited and then settle down before you walk out. Let me tell you, NO ONE IS LISTENING TO THE OFFICIANT after your’e walking down the aisle. And where does everyone go after the ceremony? The bar, the bathroom, or to hunt for food. I promise it wont take away from the romance and will get everyone where they need to be 🙂

And thats it!!! Its going to be great! Your’e going to be great! I know its a lot but you can do it!! + warm up those cheek muscles because you’re going to be smiling alllllll day.

If you have any questions leave me a comment or send me an email. Cant wait to hear from you! Seriously, I’m staring at my inbox waiting for you to say hi 🙂

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