Hi there! I’m Mary! Wedding photographer extraordinaire and professional bonus bridesmaid located in the corner of the world where its pretty much always sunny and breezy, Southern California.


I have been doing this photo thing for as long as I can remember. My heart ache’s for it! Being apart of the most special times in your life is TRULY an honor, just you being here right now is making my heart flutter with joy and I am dying to get to know you!! Seriously. The second you email me I’ll be doing a happy dance. 

Xo, Mary

I want that!!!

So what’s it like to have me as your photographer? For starters, I’m more than just a photographer. Think of me as an extra bridesmaid with a fancy camera. I’m also here to capture YOUR love story. Not the perfect Instagram photo (although there will be plenty of those, trust) but YOUR story. If you’re wild and crazy, you bet were going to get wild and crazy. If you’re romantic and sentimental, we go there!! We will dance, we will run, we will laugh, we will all cry (including me ha!)

I chase the wind and embrace the light. So if you’re down for the wind to mess up your hair and for the sun to give you rosy kisses, lets make some magic!

The Experience