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July 12, 2021

How to throw a wedding guest will actually enjoy

I know, we all want to go down in history as the couple who threw the party of the century! Shameless brag, people still talk about my wedding 5 years later hahahaha so here are my suggestions!!

Hire a DJ who is a good MC

We all know there are great songs we love to dance to but the DJ usually carries the reception. So if your DJ isnt that exciting and isn’t a good MC, chances are your reception may be a little on the boring side or just awkward. Get on the phone with some DJ’s and make sure that you can have some good banter and you feel like they would be fun to be around!

Feed your guests

Always have food available so that they don’t get cranky and hungry. If they are, they will be looking at the clock wondering when they are going to eat. You can have bowls of nuts on the table while people are waiting around. Cocktail hour appetizers OF COURSE! Make those bomb. Maybe do a pre-ceremony snack? Either way, always have food available. Trust.

Keep things moving

People get bored if there is too much dead space or they just don’t know what is going on.  There will be some quiet time when people are just chit chatting and catching up with each other but if that happens for too long, they will begin to wonder what in the world is happening next.  Dead space will naturally show up during long cocktail hours.  Sometimes it takes forever for the bride to bustle her dress, which can probably be the worst dead space.  So practice bustling your dress and make sure you have a designated dress bustler. 

Sometimes dinner can go too long with no entertainment. When making your timeline make sure there is no longer than 20 minutes between each event at the reception.

Start your reception close to sunset

I say this because people don’t want to dance when the sun is out.  The party doesn’t really start until the sun goes down.  So if you start your reception 30-45 minutes before the sunset, your guest can eat as the sun is going down and then they will be ready to dance and party as soon as its dark.

Keep your guest cool or warm

Depending on the weather. If you are getting married and the weather is going to be 90 degrees, find ways to keep them cool.  Have plenty of cold water available, have fans for each guest on their chairs so that they can fan themselves or have the ceremony in the shade if you can.  If it going to be cold, heat lamps are GREAT or buy cheep blankets in bulk that guests can wear on their laps.

Keep the speeches short

The speeches can be sooo much fun and a great part of your reception but keep them short! Advise whoever is giving a speech to stay around two-three minutes. Just being honest, nobody wants to listen to 7 “had to be there” stories. Just trust me on this one.

Get creative

You don’t always have to do the traditional stuff, such as the bouquet and garter toss. Don’t get me wrong, love a good toss but if you want to keep everyone on their toes you can get creative with how to entertain your guests. Have a photo booth, have photos around of you and your honey for everyone to look at, put desserts out early, Karaoke, Money dance, lawn games, disposable cameras for your guests tables, live music, have guests get involved for bubble or sparkler photos during the reception instead of as you’re leaving.

I’ve been to 5 gazillion weddings, I promise these tips will help liven up any party!!

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