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July 12, 2021

Budgeting for a Wedding

Heeeyyy!! So you just got engaged and how its time to plan your wedding. Where do you even start?! Well, aside from all the fun stuff you’re probably going to have to set some kind of budget. And I know this is going to feel suuuuuper overwhelming so I suggested starting here!

Make a Priority List

This is the very very very first thing you should do. Sit down and make a list of everything by priority. Items that are the most important to you would go first and things that you care less about go at the bottom. The things at the top are going to be the things you put more money into vs their average cost. This list will help you to only stress about a couple things and also can help with allocating tasks and decisions to other people. Heres a example of what mine looked like!

My top 3 priorities were:

1)   Flowers – I wanted flowers EVERYWHERE!

2)   My Dress

3)   Rentals! Tables, chairs, lighting…(we got married in my parents back yard so I wanted everything to look fancy still)

(Also PS, I didn’t spend a lot on a photographer because my close friend was a professional and gave me a discount. Or else I would have prioritized a photographer hehe)

At the bottom of my list I had: desserts, invitations, glassware. My invites were ugly, I made box cupcakes + had some friends bring desserts, and we drank out of red solo cups! BUT because my tables and flowers looked bomb, no one cared that we were drinking out of solo cups. It was fun and casual. And let me just tell you, I got married 5 years ago and people still talk about our wedding till this day 😉

Set a Budget Range

Once you have your priority list you can start giving things $$$ amounts. Download my budget template/guide to see how much things might cost you and to help you track throughout your planning process!

Areas to cut costs

Now, some of these items might be at the top of your priority list and thats totally ok!! Spend that money girl. But if these are not at the top of your list heres some ways to cut corners.

  • You don’t need to give out party favors. Save your money. You fed your guests and probably gave them dessert. You don’t need to give everyone a gift.
  • Cut out the fancy cake. A simple cake is just fine and you can totally DIY your desserts. I asked 5 friends to bring something fun when they showed up to the wedding and it made for a great dessert table with lots of options.
  • DIY Wedding Invites. There a great websites that have templates to make it easy. Just pick one and print it at a FedEx or nearby Print Shop. Your invites will end up in the trash. You can definitely make or buy a nice invite for yourself to keep and scrapbook, but DIY the rest.
  • A Digital RSVP on your wedding website can save lots! This cuts out paper, envelopes and stamps!
  • Don’t feel the need to buy everyone in your bridal party, plus your mom, your mother-in-law, ect. a gift! Just find nice stationary and write them a heartfelt note. So much less expensive and much more meaningful!
  • Unless you’re a shoe person, do not get fancy shoes! No one will even see them, I promise.
  • Choose an Air BnB over a Hotel. It looks much better in pictures and will probably be cheaper!
  • Keep your décor light. Print some pictures of yourself and use that as décor, along with any extra flowers or greenery from the florist. 

You can do this!!! It will be stressful at times but you GOT THIS! Don’t forget to download my budgeting guide/template I promise it will help you stay organized and confident!

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